Instaup apk v18.2 Download Insta up new version & Enjoy Free Instagram Followers, likes comments.

Version 18.2

Update about Instaup app, How to Download Instaup APK Instaup new update new features or resolve many problems and issues if you want to learn about new features of Instaup stay here.

Information About instaup Version 18.2

Instaup is an App that can provide free followers. Instaup application is the most popular app for increasing followers at a time. in this application makes a coin for you after you Convert these Coins Into Followers and Likes.

Insta Up Apk is a Modified App Of Instagram. This App is Made To increase Instagram Followers, likes, and Comments And gain popularity on Instagram.

Latest Instaup Version

Application NameInstaup
Version18.3 Latest
Size13.12 MB
FormatApk File

Information About instaup Version 18.2

This Instaup Version solves some issues and problems in this version you will collect more coins in the app in the best and easiest ways. You will see many changes in the InstaUp Application. Instaup Provides a Free Coin Option.

Instaup Download

How to Collect Free Coins?

There Are Some Ways To Unlock coins, You have to Like, follow, and comment on others’ posts to get free coins. There are a few steps to Get Coins in the InstaUp Application:

  • log in to Your Account on the InstaUp.
  • Click on the ”Earn Coin” Tab located on The left side of your Dashboard
  • You Can Follow other People’s Watched videos, like posts, and Complete the survey to earn coins.
  • Every Task Has a Different Amount of Coin Earned. For Example, Liking the post You Earned 1 Coin Complete The Survey You earn 50 or more coins at one time.
  • Once You Have Many coins You can Use the coin to get Likes, Comments, and Views On your Instagram account.

Important Note: Completing All Tasks You Have No error Or no problem About Instaup app Follow Guidelines.

Whats New in this Update?

  • The login problem has been resolved.
  • The problem of account closure has been resolved.
  • In this update, improvements have been made so that you can get more coins with less interruption.
  • The strength of the account has been increased.
  • Minor defects have been removed.


To Fix Problems and Bugs in the Instaup app.

“It’s easy and safe to use, with no ads. It gets likes and comments on our posts.”


This Version is easy and helps users in this version of Instaup provide more followers in a short time All Version of Instaup is Good and helpful.

However, there is one crucial piece of information that you must not forget about. Insta Up is an APK app, which means that it is not registered or approved by the Instagram authorities. So, if they suspect any unusual activity on your Instagram account, they will take strict action.

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